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Mega Inliner



It is basically a large high tech plastic bag which we call a Mega-Inliner®.
Our Mega-Inliner® is produced from high tech foil to be used in ISO tank containers in the range of 50 up to 370 HL.
Using 14 layers high tech foil with 2 integrated EVOH high barriers, we achieve an Oxygen Transmission Rate of < 0,5 which is unique in this world.
A Mega-Inliner® weighing less than 17 KG can be operated by one person only, installed in less than 5 minutes and be removed in 10 minutes.
We are specialized in all non-hazardous liquid products which can be shipped in a Mega-Inliner® with a temperature range of -8°C up to 55°C.
Higher temperature products might be possible to transport, depending on specific parameters and testing. 
Making cleaning and previous loads restrictions and registration obsolete. 100% aseptic, kosher and halal loads possible.